The shocking Netflix film that leaves viewers petrified with its tension

Netflix is ​​recognized as one of the top destinations for entertainment lovers, providing a wide range of options to choose from what to see. Among the selections available, a standout film is “Intrusion“.

This film available in Netflix and titled “Intrusion”, is a psychological thriller that premiered on the platform on September 22, 2021. Directed by Adam Salky and written by Christopher Sparling, the plot revolves around Meera and Henry, a couple who moves to New Mexico in search of peace of mind, only to find themselves caught up in a robbery and a deadly home invasion. The captivating plot of this film makes it an excellent option for those looking for something what to see.

The movie of “Intrusion” offers an intriguing narrative that immerses viewers in the story of Meera and her husband Henry. Their move to a quiet town in New Mexico turns into a terrifying experience when their home is invaded and they become involved in mysterious events. The plot, Suspenseful, it leads them to discover a connection between the intruders and Christine’s disappearance, adding an extra layer of tension to the story.

The twists and suspense that unfold throughout “Intrusion“They keep the viewer in suspense, making it one of the most engaging options what to see. As the film progresses, Meera finds herself caught in a web of suspicion surrounding her husband, Henry. Soon, she discovers the existence of a secret basement where a disturbing truth is revealed: Henry has connections to terrifying events. The story available in Netflix culminates in a confrontation between Meera, Christine and Henry, in a desperate act of self-defense.

The description in Netflix of “Intrusion” notes: “After a deadly incident in her dream home, a woman searches for answers, but discovers that real danger is about to begin.” With an absorbing plot and suspenseful moments, this film is an ideal choice for those who look for something what to seewhich offers them an exciting cinematographic experience full of unexpected twists.