The shocking photo of Anuel AA kissing another woman came to light, hours after Yailin’s birthday La Más Viral

The singer anuel aa 30 years old is one of the references of urban music but also always monopolizes the news portals and social networks due to the controversies that surround his life. A few months ago he separated from Yailin, the most viraland was the father of their youngest daughter Cattleya.

Until now anuel aa He enjoyed being single but yesterday he impacted his more than 35 million followers from all latitudes who follow him on social networks by posting a photo in which he is kissing a woman. Netizens claim that this action was on purpose because yesterday was his ex’s birthday Yailin, the most viral with which everything was wrong after the separation.

Anuel AA and Yailin the most viral They still can’t agree on the terms of their divorce and property division, so they haven’t signed the legal part of the agreement. The truth is that the singer took care of generating mystery on the net and did not show the face of the woman who kissed him on the net.

The particular photo of Anuel AA. Source: instagram @anuel

But the fans of anuel aa who follow his life very closely assure that the woman in question is his ex and the mother of his eldest son Pablo, named Astrid Cuevas. Apparently the three of them are taking a walk aboard a yacht and both the outfit and the landscape match between the publications that Anuel shared and his ex who is now not so ex anymore.

Fans discover that the woman is Anuel AA’s ex. Source: instagram @lalenguateve

For his part, Yailin the most viral He celebrated his birthday the way he likes best: in the operating room. The Dominican had cosmetic surgery and her special friend 6ix9ine went to visit her during her recovery with a birthday cake and other luxurious gifts.