The Silvestri-Gazzè-Fabi trio reunites, 6 July concert event at Circo Massimo

On the tenth anniversary of the release of the album ‘The master of the party’ – The mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri: “A unique location that will increase the record numbers of tourism in the capital”

Daniele Silvestri, Max Gazzè and Niccolò Fabi they return to play together: the trio will reunite for the concert-event on July 6th at Circus Maximus, on the tenth anniversary of the release of the album ‘The master of the party’, the first recorded in the studio by the three artists. The announcement, together with the news from Rai Radio2, the official broadcaster, comes from the three artists and the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieriin the Hall of Flags in Capitol.

“We are happy for this celebration, which will take place in a unique location like that of Circus Maximus – says the mayor of the capital – It will contribute to further enriching a Roman music scene full of events and shows, with record numbers. And we are even happier for the fact that these are three Roman artists – someone in the room also adds ‘Romanists’, like the mayor of the rest… – good, well-known, loved by the public: three together in a single concert is a a result which is always greater than three separate concerts, moreover in awareness of the themes of our time which also mark their artistic experiences”.

As for the record numbers, they are revealed by the Capitoline councilor for major events and tourism, Alessandro Onorato: “Two years ago, when we arrived at the Capitol, we also set out to return to making Rome a city for young people and we can say with a hint of pride that we won them back. Last year, Rome sold over 2 million tickets, beating by half a million Milan which hadn’t happened for eleven years, also thanks to a strategy that focuses on major events. This year, we will break every record on tourist arrivals; and also this concert at the Circus Maximus, with the utmost respect for the structure, will be an opportunity for many young people and not only to come to Rome, perhaps by train, to attend the event and stay an extra night in the capital”.

“The agreement between us on the concert was born ‘in spite of’, we were seduced by that album, ‘The master of the party’: they stopped us in the street to ask us if we would do it again – he says Daniele Silvestri – The most beautiful thing is that for long moments, on stage, each of us will be the other’s musician. And then, the Circus Maximus is a decidedly fascinating location, our favorite living room, even if it is not an easy choice: we hope that its size will be justified… On stage, some contamination external to the trio is not excluded either”, he continues the hypothesis.

As for the possibility of translating the concert into a live album, “for now we are concentrating on preparing the event – he replies Max Gazzè – We have ruled out the possibility of singing unreleased songs.” Gazzè who, in the poster, is the only one to appear frontally, with Silvestri and Fabi ‘only’ in profile… “It means that, to compensate, the next photo I’ll do it from behind!”, he jokes. “The truth is that together each of us manages to get the best out of ourselves and others.”

Niccolo Fabi recalls that “our musical relationship was not born ten years ago with the first album, ‘Il Signore della Festa’: already twenty years ago we played at the same place, the ‘Locale’, which unfortunately no longer exists today. Between us there ‘it is at the same time competitiveness and help to recognize ourselves in the same artistic history, for a sort of mental gymnastics that always allows us not only to express ourselves but also to listen to each other”.

(Of Enzo Bonaiuto)