The Sims 4 is free from October 18th: here’s how to download and install it

The most famous virtual simulation game will be accessible to everyone from October 18, the day in which Electronic Arts will make The Sims 4 free for all supported platforms: from Windows and Mac PCs to consoles such as Ps5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S.

The “free to play” initiative

The community of lovers of life simulation game, which already has millions of players, is set to grow. With this opening, the company aims to increase turnover in the long term. As similar initiatives by free to play, making games free allows you to reach new users and sell products to personalize your game experience or to unlock content. To build customer loyalty already won by the game, EA offers the expansion call for free Desert Luxe Kit, which allows you to bask in the luxury of beautiful exotic resorts. To favor these gifts, simply connect to Steam, on Origin or on the official EA app, or for those who play on consoles, connect to the PlayStation (4 and 5) and Xbox (One and Series X / S) stores.

22 years of Sims

The game, which first appeared in February 2000, has survived two decades thanks to continuous updates, thematic expansions and packages that have allowed players to move in an increasingly complex universe and close to the real world. The developers also focused on the personalities of the protagonists, inhabitants of SimNation. In version 4 of the game, you can not only shape the bodies of the sims, but you get to direct their aspirations and sculpt character traits in detail. In the last Sims summit there was nothing but talk of a possible announcement of the release of The Sims 5, but the expectations of the fans have not yet been met.