The singer gets naked, the unedited confession reveals the artist’s secret

The singer leaves fans and haters speechless, reveals something difficult to express, but which reveals herself 100%.

Fans often fall too victims of prejudice, not because they don’t love their favorites, but because it is society itself that sets these hostile limits. Those who carry out the profession of singer do not limit themselves to playing her role, but release something that will always be unpublished, sometimes even untold secrets. Behind the lyrics, the flawless voice, and the microphone, there’s a soul that lays bare. A completely new scenario emerges from the artist’s confession.

singer reveals unedited background on his success

Know such an intimate point of view on the part of a singer, it is not a matter of course. Sometimes, artists themselves take years to get naked, especially in saying what they feel and feel. Music can break down the barriers of the world, and once its right value has been recognized, individual professionals are able to get involved without filters and censorship. The singer protagonist of today’s news reveals something he had never dared to confess to the general public.

The singer is loved by fans, reveals her secret

Limits are in the mind of those who perceive them, like prisons that often block actions and cause fear. It happens that you don’t feel free, that you have fragility and feeling “shattered inside.” Not everyone recognizes the weight of music in the same way, especially for what it can guarantee and give. The singer recounts in strong and very intimate words how many times she has felt alone and unhappy. A monologue which does not necessarily have to be shared, but which has much more at its base than one might think.

Thinking beyond the limits means being able to really listen. The sense of hearing should be refined more to understand and understand not only the sound of words, but also the meanings and all the information behind it. Words are the protagonists of the speech told live during one of the last appointments of the most pungent format there is, Hyenas. The protagonist gets naked for the first time, telling something she had never revealed.

singer Mara Sattei confession
singer Mara Sattei reveals unedited background on her success (Credits: IG video screenshot @mara.sattei @redazioneiene)-

To bare his soul is right Mara Sattei, stage name of Sara Mattei. Already known to the general public for her participation in Mediaset’s most popular talent show, Friends of Maria De Filippi. He participated in the thirteenth edition along with well-known faces such as Deborah Iurato who just that year achieved victory. She was born in Fiumicino, she started her career by taking small steps thanks to communication channels such as YouTube in which she shared covers. After her came the participation in the format, and still the rise with successful singles such as The sweet life with Fedez and Tananai.

But nobody knows that behind so much talent, there is a great spirit of sacrifice. She is a girl who also struggled with her frailties, and it is precisely in this appeal made to young people who are experiencing this moment just like her, that she wants to tell her experience. In her life there is not only music, but the Faith in God: “He who sings prays twice and believing in God has given me the strength to fight, not to be afraid. She made me feel loved and never forgotten. A love that never ends and never gets tired. Believing has made me understand who I am and has given priorities to my life that go beyond material things”.