The singer was caught with a well-known conductor: was a new couple born?

The beloved singer was caught with the well-known TV presenter: is a new couple born? What has just emerged.

For a couple of days the rumor has begun to circulate that one of the most beloved singers has found a smile alongside a well-known character: one wonders, where did this news come from? Apparently she was caught with a very famous conductor And also so loved. So far so good, we could define it as a normal meeting but according to what we have seen, the two would have appeared in attitudes not exactly friendly.

Singer with conductor (credits: instagram)

They were filmed after a dinner in a restaurant and once outside they indulged in hugs and caresses. In no time at all, the gossip has gone mad. The news began to circulate faster and faster. The artist is single, his last relationship ended in 2021, at the end of the year.

Even the host is after having had a connection with a model. They broke up in May of this year, after spending a few years as a couple. They spent the lockdown together but apparently the story didn’t last. But now he may have found love right next to the singer: will it really be like this?

The famous singer was caught alongside the well-known conductor: is a new couple born?

The singer and the conductor, both beloved and very famous, appeared together. Together not as colleagues from the world of entertainment, but they were caught in more intimate attitudes. After a candlelit dinner in a restaurant in the East Village, outside the club they hugged and let themselves go to sweet effusions.

All this without hiding and as they say, in the light of the sun. Dua Lipa showed herself very quietly alongside the conductor, Trevor Noah. According to the Daily Mail between the two there would be a real acquaintance. This would have started some time ago. Rumor has it that they would start seeing each other after the Grammys. On that occasion the singer and the conductor also showed up, Trevor, in fact, in the same event he made several compliments.

singer caught conductor
Singer caught (credits: instagram)

Now they have been caught in unequivocal attitudes. Dua Lipa has been single since the end of 2021 and so is the conductor. The story of her with the model Mika Kelly, which lasted a few years, since they also spent the lockdown together, ended in May 2022. The artist instead ended the relationship with the model Anwar Hadid, brother of the famous Gigi and Bella Hadid. Is there really something between Dua Lipa and Trevor? At the moment neither of them has left a comment on the matter, and there have been no confirmations or denials. The photos do not seem to leave any doubts, but it could be an ongoing dating.