“The sixth sense is never wrong”, he doesn’t send them to say after the breakup: the bitter outburst

After the breakup with her historical boyfriend, the young woman let herself go to a bitter outburst: what happened on her social channel.

Not all love stories culminate in a dream wedding – as happened to the beloved Mediaset couple. Some, unfortunately, end even before taking this step.

Post rupture vent. Credits: Instagram

A hot summer, but also definitely marked by the end of several love stories. From the separation of Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi – about which there is still a lot of talk – up to the breakup of a beloved couple of actors, there are many people who have announced the end of their relationship. Among these, there are also two very young boys, who – after meeting on a TV program about two years ago – announced that they had broken up.

Almost two years after the beginning of their love story, the couple has chosen to say ‘goodbye’ forever. The official announcement came a few months ago, but only now the young woman has let herself go to a bitter outburst social after the break.

The bitter social outburst after the breakup: very strong words

It will also be weeks after the end of his love story, but only now the young woman wanted to let herself go to a bitter outburst on his official social channel.

Many will know that the relationship between Chiara Rabbi and Davide Donadei, protagonists of Men and Women of 2020, ended in the middle of summer. And that just a few weeks ago they returned to the studio of the Canale 5 dating show to tell and discuss their breakup. On this occasion, the two were able to clarify the Roberta Di Padua ‘case’ and confirm what was decided a few months ago. Chiara and Davide have two different characters and, unfortunately, there is no future for them.

It was immediately after the airing of their meeting, however, that the very young Rabbi vented with her fans on the social network. In this IG Story, Chiara reiterated to come out of this relationship with her head held high and to be aware of her value of her. Having said that, however, she could not help but send a message: “The sixth sense is never wrong”. What refers to Davide’s interest in Roberta, also confirmed in the episode? Most likely yes!

rupture vent
Chiara vent. Credits: Instagram

A bitter outburst, as we can clearly understand, which makes us understand how much Chiara cared about her relationship.

What happened in the episode?

Months after the announcement of their breakup, Chiara and Davide had the opportunity to confront each other in that same studio that saw them choose each other just under two years ago. What happened, though, during the confrontation? At the study center, as everyone knows, there was also Roberta Di Padua, lady of the parterre of Men and Women with whom Davide went out two months after the end of his love story. The two admitted that they kissed on the way out, but that there hasn’t been and there will be nothing.

During their confrontation, Davide explained that he had ended the love story with Chiara after being ‘attacked’ during a jealousy scene. And finally, she declared that – even though their engagement is over – the good he feels for her is still strong.

rupture vent
Men and women. Credits: Mediaset Play

We wish you both much happiness.