The skin clinic, Antony: “People look at me with disgust”, what happened next? The unimaginable

Antony was one of the patients of The Skin Clinic: his problem affected his life, but what happened next? The unimaginable!

“Skin problems affect us both emotionally and physically”, these are the very words that, at the beginning of the third season of The skin clinic, Dr. Craythorne to her beloved audience. A short and concise message, the one that the dermatologist launched, but which tells the truth of the facts!

What happened to Antony at The Skin Clinic is unimaginable. Photo source: Discovery

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During these three editions of The Skin Clinic we have known many stories. And through each of them we have also shown you how even a simple skin problem can affect the life of a subject. The story of Antony, very young boy who for about 4 years had been living a real drama. “People look at me with disgust”, Dr. Craythorne’s patient said to explain how strongly her life was changed from one moment to the next. All this, apparently, would have started about 4 years before his participation in the program, completely upsetting his daily life. Let’s find out everything together.

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The skin clinic, what happened to Antony is truly incredible: life changed!

When he showed up at Dr. Craythorne’s new office, Antony he could not help but explain his strong embarrassment for the problem that had grown in him from one moment to the next about 4 years earlier. “That’s the first thing everyone notices. If I manage to remove it, I will go back to being myself “, says the young man a The skin clinic.

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Antony Skin Clinic
Photo source: Discovery

Four before his participation, Antony did some ear piercings. And, apparently, it was these who created the big keloids. To date, the situation for the young man has become truly unbearable. And that’s why he asked Dr. Craythorne for help. The surgery for the removal, of course, was immediate. It’s that easy.

Antony Skin Clinic
Photo source: Discovery

A few months after the operation, Antony returned to Dr. Craythorne to test the results. And he also revealed that he had completely changed his life. As a shy and introverted kid that he was due to his illness, the young man now goes out more often. And he also managed to find work. Good luck!