The skin clinic, Chelsea: “I carry this burden every day”, it’s not as he imagined, sensational

The skin clinic, Chelsea did not imagine at all everything that happened to her in the program: it is truly sensational.

A very special story that cannot fail to be told, the one that happened to Chelsea, Craythorne’s very young patient a The skin clinic. The girl, in fact, decided to contact the Irish dermatologist for the problem that had been gripping her for some time, but after a first consultation with her she was literally shocked by the truth she discovered. Are you ready to find out what exactly happened? We think about it immediately!

Chelsea’s Story at The Skin Clinic: It’s Not What It Seemed. Photo source: Discovery

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On TV cameras, Chelsea said she wanted to turn to Dr. Craythorne about the large lipoma she had grown a few years earlier. And that, from that moment, had greatly changed and marked his life. “I want to go back to being free as before”, Chelsea said. Not hiding, therefore, not only his strong embarrassment and discomfort, but also the pain for this situation. So far so good, we could say. On the other hand, the young woman was neither the first nor the last patient who decided to go to Craythorne. What, however, really happened to her sensational. What she believed was a lipoma, in fact, was anything but! Let’s find out all the details together.

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Chelsea’s story at The Skin Clinic: not everything is as it seems, sensational

Chelsea’s story is very similar to that of Elisha that we told you a few days ago. The young woman, in fact, had decided to turn to The skin clinic for the lipoma that grew behind the neck. And which, as told by the person concerned, had the size similar to a tennis ball. “For almost a year it has been increasing more and more”, Elisha told the doctor.

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The Chelsea Skin Clinic
Photo source: Discovery

What, however, had been called a lipoma, was actually quite the opposite! After a first check-up, the dermatologist had a completely different diagnosis. It is not a fat mass typical of the lipoma, but of the so-called bison hump. That is, an increase in fat in the dorsal-cervical fat pad. How do you remove it? The answer is very simple: with a simple liposuction.

The Chelsea Skin Clinic
Photo source: Discovery

After the intervention by the special surgeon, Chelsea said she was satisfied, happy and grateful for the result obtained.