The skin clinic, Connor: “I don’t like the way I look, I’m sad”, the shock gesture

At The Skin Clinic, Connor told about his illness and his enormous embarrassment: out of desperation he made a shocking gesture, what happened.

Have you ever heard of people who, in desperation and anger, make real shock gestures? Well. The young protagonist of The skin clinic is the full testimony of this. And it was he who told it during his first check-up visit with Dr. Craythorne. Let’s proceed, however, in order.

The skin clinic, Connor’s shock gesture. Photo source: Discovery

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At The Skin Clinic, Connor he decided to take part in it because of what he was forced to experience from the age of 17. On the cameras of the program, the young man told that he was always a boy eager to live and rather extroverted, but that he changed when something unexpected happened in his life. He was only 17, in fact, when a rather large cyst grew in a rather visible part of his body, which caused him great embarrassment and discomfort. “It’s the first thing people see of me”, Connor told the show cameras. An unsustainable situation, therefore. And that led him to make an extreme gesture.

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The skin clinic, Connor’s shock gesture: what happened

The cyst appeared at the age of 17 by Connor got worse over time. It is precisely for this reason, therefore, that, having become even older, the young boy has decided to turn to The skin clinic and to Dr. Craythorne. “It’s horrible, I feel uncomfortable”, the dermatologist’s patient said to describe her mood due to the cyst.

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Connor Skin Clinic
Photo source: Discovery

When he was just a kid, Connor got a cyst on his nose. And this, over time and its consequent enlargement, led him to make an extreme gesture: groped to remove it with a knife. This is exactly what he told the Irish dermatologist during the first interview. And that left her completely speechless. Obviously, the operation to remove the epidermoid cyst from the nose was completely quick and painless. And, in no time at all, Connor is back with a ‘completely new nose’.

Connor Skin Clinic
Photo source: Discovery

“I am thrilled with the operation”, Connor said soon after. Finally, months after the operation, he declared that he was going back to being the same as before. Best wishes!