The skin clinic, Craig’s painful confession: “I’m in agony”, awful!

Immense pain for Craig, protagonist of an episode of The Skin Clinic: the man recounted the incredible drama he was living through.

As well as that of Hannah, also the story of Craig at The Skin Clinic it is quite peculiar. Told during the second season of the program, the young man was able to capture the attention of viewers because of the immense drama he lived through.

Craig’s Painful Confession to The Skin Clinic. Photo source: Discovery

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Craig’s nightmare, as told by the person concerned, began about 8 years before his participation in the program. Over time, however, the situation has not improved at all, but has worsened. And so, what had initially become ‘simple’ spots very soon turned out to be much more. “I feel like I’m walking on glass”, Craig told the show’s cameras. Emphasizing how this disease not only causes him a strong embarrassment and discomfort, but also how much it conditions his relationship with his children. “I’m not the father I should be and this makes me suffer a lot”, he went on to say. Arriving at Dr. Craythorne’s office to put an end to the matter, Craig comes to discover a rather ‘peculiar’ truth. Let’s find out something more together.

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The skin clinic, Craig suffers from erythema nodosum: absurd truth, what happened

The disease he suffered from Craig, as diagnosed before his participation a The skin clinic, it is none other than erythema nodosum. That is, a skin disease that manifests the presence of nodules. For about 8 years, in fact, man had nodules on his legs, ankles and feet which, in the acute phase, did not allow him to carry out even the simple activity of walking.

The Craig Skin Clinic
Photo source: Discovery

Just after seeing Dr Craythorne, the Irish dermatologist realized that something was wrong. From what we learn from his words, in fact, it would seem that the typical rash of erythema nodosum lasted about 4/6 weeks, but then it no longer appeared. What happened to Craig, on the other hand, was rather anomalous. Because yes, the outburst lasted as usual, but it was rather strange that it would reappear. For this reason, then, Dr. Emma went to the bottom of the matter. And he found that the erythema was not caused by something external, rather by something internal to Craig’s body. And so, after all the analyzes, it turned out that the man suffered from Cronn’s disease. That is, of an inflammatory bowel disease. Which, therefore, caused this inflammation of the skin.

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The Craig Skin Clinic
Photo source: Discovery

We hope Craig has been able to solve his problem by now. And to be the father he so longed to be.