The skin clinic, Hannah’s nightmare began three years ago: sensational discovery, what a drama!

At The Skin Clinic, Hannah recounted the nightmare that began three years before her participation: sensational discovery, what happened.

Of sensational stories during the airing of de The skin clinic, we have seen and known a lot of them. This, however, we will tell you in a few moments is, without any doubt, among the most dramatic that we have told you.

Shock discovered for Hannah at The Skin Clinic. Photo source: Discovery

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Up to now, in fact, we have always told you stories with a happy ending. Or, better said, stories of patients who, after a specific treatment, managed to regain possession of their life. The one of Hannah, however, it is not at all among them. When she went to Dr. Craythorne’s office due to the problem that had been tormenting her for about 3 years, the very young patient discovered that she had a rare disease for which, unfortunately, there is no definitive cure. A truly dramatic discovery, as clearly as it can be. And which, as it should be, immediately threw her into despair! Let us try, however, to understand something more.

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The skin clinic, Hannah’s drama: shock discovery, what happened

The story of Hannah, very young patient de The skin clinic, it is quite peculiar. In fact, on the television cameras of the program, the girl not only told of having had a heart transplant at the age of 9, but also of having had a tumor of the lymphatic system about 5 years after the transplant. Over time, however, the situation has not improved at all! About three years before her participation in the program, Hannah started having a rash all over her skin. “Itchy and burning skin”, says the young woman.

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From the very first moment of her illness, Hannah turned to countless doctors and really tried everything to get well, but each attempt was in vain. Only Dr. Craythorne, after blood tests, biopsies and much more, was able to find an answer. Unfortunately, it is mycosis fungoides, which is a type of tumor where white blood cells concentrate inside the cells and cause not only inflammation, but also make the skin flaky. Unfortunately, there is no specific cure. In any case, however, the dermatologist prescribed Hannah topical treatments and phototherapy sessions.

The Hannah Skin Clinic discovered
Photo source: Discovery
The Hannah Skin Clinic discovered
Photo source: Discovery

We hope that, to date, Hannah’s life has taken a different turn!