The skin clinic, “I’m worried about my hearing”: shock drama, what pain!

The protagonist of this episode of The Skin Clinic is Jenny, who says she is worried about her hearing: what exactly happened.

New episode de The skin clinic. And, of course, a new protagonist with his incredible drama. Talking about his problem this time around is Jenni, a very young woman who told of having made an indescribable journey to find a solution to her malaise.

Jenny’s drama in The Skin Clinic: She is afraid for her hearing. Photo source: Discovery

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During these episodes of The Skin Clinic, the affectionate audience of the program had the opportunity to meet many people. None of them, however, did what Jenni said they did. Having moved to the Caribbean for some time, the very young woman said she had made a journey of many hours only to be checked by doctor Emma Craythorne and find a solution to what she had always kept hidden for 2 years. The reason Jenni decided to ask the Irish dermatologist for help is by no means serious. In any case, however, this caused him a state of great embarrassment so much that he used to hide it. What are we talking about, though? Let’s find out everything together.

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The skin clinic, Jenni’s story: how her life changed after the surgery

There are so many people who, day after day, decide to go to Dr. Emma Craythorne’s office to solve their skin problem. Among these, we cannot help but remember her: the very young and very nice Jenni. Undisputed protagonist of the second edition of The skin clinic, the young woman said she experienced a strong embarrassment due to the rather huge keloid that grew behind her ear. Nothing serious, then. Yet, in any case, this scar tissue still caused her a great embarrassment.

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Jenni had come to a point in her life where she found it necessary to ask for help. And so he decided to turn to Dr. Craythorne. Obviously, the only way to be able to remove it was the removal through a small surgery, followed by a few sessions of radiotherapy to prevent the keloids from reforming in the future.

The hearing skin clinic
Photo source: Discovery

“My ear is back to normal. I am so happy and so happy with the result “, Jenni said as she finished her experience at The Skin Clinic.