The skin clinic, Jayne: “They always ask me if I’m contagious”, what a tragedy!

Jayne’s story in The Skin Clinic is quite peculiar: the young woman was in desperate need of help, what happened to the very young girl!

The one who lived Jayne – and that she herself told the cameras of The skin clinic – it was a real tragedy. Very young, but already a mother, the woman told of experiencing very strong discomfort with her body due to a problem discovered a few years earlier.

Jayne’s story at The Skin Clinic. Photo Source: Discovery Plus

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Jayne made no secret of her incredible drama from the Real Time program. And he also told how the simple course of his days have become nightmares. From washing her hair and face to taking care of her daughter, each daily chore turned out to be a real drama for the girl. It is precisely for this reason that he decided to turn to Dr. Craythorne: to return to lead a normal life. And, indeed, it succeeded. Following by line and by sign the cure written by the Irish dermatologist, Jayne has returned to live. What happened? And, above all, what was his problem? Let’s find out all the details together.

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The skin clinic, Jayne: “It causes me tremendous inconvenience”, what a nightmare!

The nightmare of Jayne, as also told by the person directly concerned, it began about 12 years before her participation in The skin clinic. In fact, at that time the young woman was starting to work as a hairdresser. And she noticed that her skin was burning and itchy as soon as she was put under the water. After some time, the situation has not improved at all. Indeed, over the years, it can be said that it has worsened, reaching truly impressive levels. “My skin itches, turns red, bleeds and leaks fluid”, Jayne says. Not hiding, therefore, that he is afraid that his problem may spread to more exposed points, such as the face.

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Jayne Skin Clinic
Photo source: Discovery

Jayne was diagnosed with contact dermatitis. Although, after a first checkup, Dr. Craythorne believed that more than one dermatitis, it was allergy. Indeed, it was. After an initial care with moisturizer to protect her skin, a soap that kept bacteria from getting into wounds and steroids, Jayne got her first results in no time. What the young woman was allergic to was nickel. And, three months after the start of the treatment, the result was really great.

Jayne Skin Clinic
Photo source: Discovery

“I see a light at the end of the tunnel”, Jayne says after the treatment. Also revealing that his life has changed dramatically.