The skin clinic, Karen: terrifying images, her drama is impressive

Karen decides to participate in The Skin Clinic for her incredible drama: the images are terrifying, what exactly happened.

Have you ever followed an episode of The skin clinic? After Vite al Limite, Real Time offers its beloved audience a broadcast that tells and follows the adventures that, tired of living a life that was not theirs due to the problems related to their skin, decide to contact Dr. Craythorne.

Karen at The Skin Clinic, shock images: what happened. Photo source: Discovery

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During these three seasons of The Skin Clinic we have had the opportunity to meet many of Dr. Emma’s patients. And each of them, some more and some less, felt the need and need to turn to her to return to live a normal life. The story that we will tell you in a few moments has as its protagonist Karen, a woman who, for about 30 years, had been afflicted with a skin disease. And now he felt the need to end it. “The situation worries me”, he told the cameras about the program. Also revealing how in recent years her condition has greatly deteriorated to the point of making her really worry. Let’s find out everything together. Although, we anticipate, the images are rather terrifying.

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Karen to The Skin Clinic for her bumps: “I’m afraid that…”, what happened

Karen, therefore, he decided to turn to Dr. Craythorne de The skin clinic for the myriad of bumps on his neck. “They are warts, growths and moles, which when I scratch them, they bleed”, the woman told the program. In short, a situation that was not at all serious, but which still worried her. “I’m afraid that others will form on the face as well. It’s devastating “, she went on to tell the Irish dermatologist.

The Karen Skin Clinic
Photo source: Discovery

Although she turned to many doctors and experts and each of them reassured Karen that those bumps could never turn into something cancerous, only Dr. Craythorne made her a specific diagnosis and even found a solution. The disease that Karen suffers from is none other than seborrheic keratosis. “This is a very common disease, but it is less common with all these growths”, said the dermatologist. How did you decide to operate? The answer is simple: remove at least the larger ones.

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The Karen Skin Clinic
Photo source: Discovery

As soon as the removal surgery was finished, Karen showed off a dazzling smile. We hope that, to date, it will be smiling again.