The skin clinic, Krish: “I have lost faith in myself”, enormous concern for him

Huge concern for Krish – that’s why he turned to The Skin Clinic, what exactly happened.

When Krish decided to turn to The skin clinic and he did it to Dr. Craythorne because, for several years, he had a problem that not only made him feel uncomfortable with himself, but also caused him some concern.

Krish participates in The Skin Clinic: What Happened. Photo source: Discovery

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During these three seasons of The Skin Clinic, we have had ample evidence of how some skin problems, although not at all worrying and serious, usually affect those who suffer from them. He is the example, the good one Krish. When he joined the Real Time program, the man said he had been suffering from a problem with his nose for about 5 years. “The skin is rough. And it’s painful. I worry day and night “, Krish told the show cameras. He also explained that he had already consulted several doctors, but never found the right answer and cure for him. Will Dr. Craythorne succeed? Let’s find out!

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Krish at The Skin Clinic: “I worry day and night”, what happened

“I would like to look like a normal person. It’s depressing “, he went on to say Krish to the cameras de The skin clinic before introducing himself to Dr. Craythorne.

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The Krish Skin Clinic
Photo source: Discovery

As soon as she saw her situation, the Irish dermatologist had a single diagnosis. This is rhinophoma, which is a case of rosacea that has affected your patient’s nose. In short, nothing serious: Krish had a simple thickening of the skin around his nose. It is precisely for this reason, therefore, that Dr. Craythorne has decided to remove the bumps present in this part of the body. And then proceed with the carbon dioxide laser to even out the skin. “I feel satisfied. I feel light and happy “, Krish said as soon as the surgery was finished. “I am grateful to the doctor and her team”, he concluded.

The Krish Skin Clinic
Photo source: Discovery

We hope that, after the result obtained, Krish has regained his serenity.