The skin clinic, Lucy’s drama: “The pain is unbearable”, sensational images!

Huge drama for Dr. Craythorne’s patient Lucy at The Skin Clinic: the images shown in the program are shocking.

A very special story, the one that was told during the second season of The skin clinic. And that, until now, we had never dealt with before. The protagonist of this article is Lucy, a very young mother who, since the age of 19, has been afflicted with the problem of psiorasis.

The skin clinic, Lucy’s shock drama: sensational images. Photo source: Discovery

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There are really many people in the world who suffer from some skin problems – from the least serious to the most serious – and there are just as many who for this reason live real nightmares. He is an example of that, Lucy. The young woman told the TV cameras that she has been suffering from psiorasis since she was 19. And to have lived through a period in which the disease had definitely subsided. With the birth of her daughter, however, she became present again and, this time, in a rather ‘violent’ way. All over her body, Lucy is covered in scales, which not only cause her constant itching, but also a lot of pain. “It’s unbearable”, he said. Let’s find out something more.

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The skin clinic, huge tragedy for Lucy: what happened

Ever since she went to her office that Dr. Craythorne has understood the gravity of the situation. Lucy not only did she have psyriosis, and the marks on her body were quite obvious, but it had severely damaged her joints as well. In fact, the young woman’s feet were so swollen that she could not even wear shoes. In short, a truly impressive tragedy, no doubt about it!

The Lucy Skin Clinic
Photo source: Discovery

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“I see the light at the end of the tunnel”, Lucy said as soon as the first follow-up visit was over. The care that Dr. Craythorne gave the young woman was quite intense. Not only did he have to do blood tests and x-rays to understand the extent of the damage, but he also had to take tablets that regulated the immune system. The results were truly immediate. “The skin has changed color: it works”, says Lucy after a few days.

The Lucy Skin Clinic
Photo source: Discovery

Two months after the start of the treatment, the young woman’s skin is completely new. And both she and Dr. Craythorne are super thrilled with the results.