The skin clinic, Miya: “It’s terrible, I’m not well”, then doesn’t hold back the tears

The skin clinic, Miya’s drama makes her live a terrible nightmare: “It’s terrible”, the young patient does not hold back her tears as she tells it.

This is how we could begin our article: “the dress does not make the monk”. How many times have you met or dealt with people and have the feeling that they are invincible or self-confident? Well: many times it can happen that behind this semblance of security, in reality, real dramas are hidden. He gives us confirmation Miya, a very young patient of Dr. Craythorne a The skin clinic.

Miya at The Skin Clinic: Her Drama. Photo source: discovery

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Young and beautiful, Miya told the cameras of the program that she lived, since her adolescence, a real nightmare due to acne that broke out in a ‘particular’ place on her body. We are usually used to seeing this disease spread on the face. With Miya, however, it wasn’t like that at all. Acne, in fact, has spread to a part of the body that is not visible to everyone, but which still makes life terrible. “It’s like I’m deceiving people”, he told. Let’s find out something more together.

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The skin clinic, Miya and acne: awesome nightmare, what happened

To the cameras de The skin clinic, Miya told of suffering from acne since adolescence. And that with the passage of time the situation has literally become complicated. In fact, it started with ‘simple’ pimples. And it has come to have in addition to them, even blackheads and even cysts. A completely unmanageable situation, therefore. And that pushed her several times to go to specialists. None of them, however, was able to give her specific treatment. Or, even, a precise diagnosis. In fact, there are those who told her they suffered from folliculitis, supportive hidradenitis or acne. “I gave up”, he said, not hiding his bitterness. It is precisely for this reason, therefore, that Miya has decided to turn to Dr. Craythorne.

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Miya’s acne, unfortunately, had spread to the thighs and even spread to the upper part of them. “I can’t wear shorts or swimwear”, the young woman said to the doctor. Fortunately, the treatment prescribed by the dermatologist was the one that had the most results. With one skin cleansing cream, another to treat skin most affected by the disease, and an antibiotic to soothe inflammation, the results were immediate.

The Miya Skin Clinic
Photo source: Discovery

After three months, in fact, Miya’s skin is completely different. “I feel much better”, he said. Finally, Dr. Craythorne treated the darker part of the skin because it was marked by the signs of the disease with the laser.