The skin clinic, Rishi: “I want to be able to live a normal life”, her face is disfigured

The skin clinic, Rishi has a completely disfigured face and does not hide the desire to finally be able to live a normal life: what happened.

“I want to be able to live a normal life”, that’s just how it is Rishi shows up at the de cameras The skin clinic. And he extensively tells about his illness. Unfortunately, the young boy’s face was completely disfigured and destroyed by acne. And this did nothing but increase his insecurity, but also the strong discomfort.

Rishi at the skin clinic for her disfigured face: what happened. Photo source: Discovery

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Joining the program during the second season of The Skin Clinic, Rishi was one of those patients who decided to turn to Dr. Craythorne because of the acne she had had in the past. And that, to date, had caused him so many scars on his face. “My skin is revolting. This is the opportunity to have a normal life “, Rishi said. Thus explaining how high her expectations of the Irish dermatologist were. Indeed, the life that the young boy lived could hardly be called life. Always fearful that they might watch his life and used to hide when he was in public, Rishi said he can’t stand this situation anymore. And to be ready to make a decision.

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The skin clinic, Rishi’s face was full of acne scars: an unbearable situation

Just saw the skin of Rishi, Dr. Craythorne had a single diagnosis. These are atrophic acne scars, meaning the inflammation caused by the acne scars themselves has damaged the skin. Unfortunately, healing from these signs is quite complicated. And the process is really very long. Just think, the treatment prescribed by the doctor was to last for about two years.

The rishi skin clinic
Photo source: Discovery

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How did the doctor deal with these scars? Well. The treatment consisted of a night cream which modifies, albeit slightly, the amount of collagen present in the skin and which, finally, improves the pigmentation in the reddest areas of the skin. The dermatologist then integrated some laser therapy sessions to these.

The rishi skin clinic
Photo source: Discovery

After 9 months, Rishi returned to the clinic. And he showed skin with noticeably reduced scars. After 11 months from the start of the treatment and a few months of some filler sessions in the holes caused by the scars, the result is quite surprising.