The skin clinic, shock trauma for Becky: never seen anything like it!

To the cameras of The Skin Clinic, Becky recounted the trauma she experienced and the reason for her illness: she has never seen anything like it.

Becky was one of Dr. Craythorne’s patients a The skin clinic that most caught the attention because of his history and his illness. Strongly saddened by what she had been forced to live for some time.

Trauma shock at The Skin Clinic: Becky’s story. Photo source: Discovery

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Perhaps not everyone knows, but real traumas often determine the presence or appearance of skin diseases. Not only does stress or bad habits affect them, but also dramatic events. This is exactly what happened to Becky, protagonist of the third season of The Skin Clinic. In fact, on the television cameras of the program, the woman told that she began to suffer from her pathology since her daughter, at the age of 16, suffered a stroke. “He risked dying”, he said. This is precisely the reason that triggered his illness. And that, to date, makes his life completely impossible. “I hope Dr. Craythorne will be able to help me,” he said. Let’s find out what happened. And what was the dermatologist’s care with the resulting results.

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The skin clinic, Becky’s shocking story: terrifying images

It’s since her daughter suffered a stroke at the age of 16 that Becky, as told to The skin clinic, saw the birth of a serious pathology: the prurigo nodularis. The disease consists of the formation of lumps on the skin that resemble blisters and the consequent formation of scabs that itch and bleed. “They don’t give me respite”, Becky told Dr. Craythorne.

The Becky Skin Clinic
Photo source: Discovery

Confirmed the diagnosis of prurigo and realized the presence of an eczema out of control, the treatment prescribed by the Irish dermatologist was quite clear. Not only did he prescribe Becky moisturizers and a steroid cure, but he also promised her a steroid treatment for those lumps that would resist the cure. Fortunately, after a very short time, the situation has improved significantly. It is precisely for this reason that, as soon as she returned to the clinic, she was able to undergo injections of steroids, but also of Botox.

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The Becky Skin Clinic
Photo source: Discovery

After 5 weeks of the treatment, Becky’s skin improved a lot. “It changed my life. I’m happy”, he told the cameras.