The skin clinic, “sometimes I feel like I’m on fire”: shock confession and sensational discovery

Shock confession to The Skin Clinic: “Sometimes I feel like I’m on fire”, sensational discovery thanks to Dr. Craythorne, what happened.

A real shock confession, the one to which the very young patient de The skin clinic in the course of its participation. “Sometimes I feel like I’m on fire”, he told the cameras. Let’s proceed in order. Let’s find out what exactly happened.

Shock confession at the skin clinic: what happened. Photo source: Discovery

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Joining The Skin Clinic during its third season, Sophie recounted the dramatic diagnosis she was made about 8 years prior to her participation in the program. “My body is overheating”, she told the cameras to reveal that she was allergic to UV and UVB rays. A truly dramatic discovery, as it can clearly be understood. And which, as we will show you below, has had rather shocking consequences on his body. His hands, in fact, were completely destroyed by the disease. And at times they even seemed burned. However, what happened in Dr. Craythorne’s office is truly unbelievable. Having made the first investigations, in fact, Sophie realized that what had been defined as a polymorphic eruption of light was much more. Let’s find out everything together.

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Shock confession at The Skin Clinic, then the sensational discovery: what happened

Sophie’s Story in Season 3 de The skin clinic it is quite particular, as we said previously. Having joined Dr. Craythorne’s patients due to the disease diagnosed about 8 years earlier, the very young girl did not miss the opportunity to be able to express all her pain to the dermatologist. “I would like to spend better moments with my children”, he told the show cameras.

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The shock skin clinic
Photo source: Discovery

As mentioned earlier, her participation in The Skin Clinic was truly incredible. If before taking part, in fact, Sophie was convinced that she had the so-called polymorphic eruption of light as a disease, once she entered the doctor’s patients she made a shocking discovery. In fact, through various investigations, the Irish dermatologist discovered that Sophie actually has contact dermatitis. And she is particularly allergic to all acrylics, a material used often and willingly for her work.

The shock skin clinic
Photo source: Discovery

Four months after the start of the treatment, made from moisturizing hand cream and steroid cream, Sophie has decidedly different and much softer hands.