The son of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony finds "Shameful" something from his mom with Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez believes that seeing her excessive public romanticism with her husband Ben Affleck it would be “healthy” for her children, however her son Max disagrees with her and resents her PDAs.

The 14-year-old boy of the Marry Me star sees no need for his mum to show her love to the Argo star in public as she can no longer stomach her “embarrassing pdas”.

A report published by National Enquirer He claimed that J.Lo and Affleck make their children, especially Max, uncomfortable with their lips because he is “grossed out” by them.

The publication cited many instances, including the trio’s shopping trip in upscale Brentwood, when the lovebirds were photographed kissing while Max diverted attention using his phone.

“J.Lo and Ben were saying goodbye before heading off on separate errands, and she wouldn’t let him leave without giving her a passionate kiss,” the source said.

“You could see the discomfort on Max’s face when they were kissing. He just turned his back on her and fiddled with his cell phone until they were done,” the source added.

The outlet further shared that Lopez and Affleck are “doing everything they can to bring their families together,” which includes J.Lo’s twins Max and Emme, and the Batman actor’s children Violet, Seraphina and Samuel, to whom he shares with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner. .

“J.Lo thinks it’s healthy for them to see her and Ben showing their affection for each other. This way the kids can see that their love is real,” the source said.