The spicy round trip of Daniela Aránguiz and a follower on social networks

The model and beauty influencer Daniela Aranguiz continues to attract attention after his separation from the soccer player Jorge Valdivia. Although neither of them has confirmed that it is something definitive, they have not returned either despite sharing moments together such as their son’s birthday.

Daniela Aranguiz He continues with his professional life and fulfills his work commitments on the television program ‘Zona de Estrellas’. In addition, the model is very popular on social networks where she accumulates more than 800,000 followers from all latitudes who are aware of her movements.

Daniela Aranguiz She shares her best photos of looks and poses for them, since she owns a figure to envy as a result of her perseverance with physical exercise and good nutrition. She also some postcards of her trips and family moments with her children.

Daniela Aránguiz and her friends. Source: instagram @danyaranguizf

Now Daniela Aranguiz He shared a photo on the camera’s social network in which he is accompanied by two friends while they are walking in a vehicle. “I love you” wrote the ex of Jorge Valdivia and immediately the publication was filled with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

The comment that caught the attention of Daniela Aránguiz. Source: instagram @danyaranguizf

But a comment from the user @ alberto112021 drew the attention of Daniela Aranguiz since it said: “You give Aránguiz color, you’re not pretty, zero elegant, less educated, oh but if you have Lucas thanks to the Wizard and that makes you be on another level.” The model immediately replied: “Greetings, Mrs. Elizabeth, haha”, and she implied that the one behind these attacks is her former mother-in-law Elizabeth Toro, mother of Jorge Valdivia, that he did not take his son’s divorce well.