The spicy roundtrip of Cristián de la Fuente and a follower on social networks

The actor Christian de la Fuente He was at the center of controversy in September of this year when he was seen in Mexico kissing a woman who was not his wife. angelica castro. Over time the foam subsided and today the family resumes its activities as normal despite the fact that none of those involved have confirmed their divorce.

last weekend, Christian de la Fuente He participated in the graduation ceremony at Santiago College of his daughter Laura de la Fuente, who is all the rage on social networks due to the type of fashion content and trends she shares. That’s as far as the actor went and it was his first public appearance with his family and with angelica castro after the scandal

Christian de la Fuente He published photos of the event on his social networks where he wears the suit he uses as a pilot of the Chilean Air Force (FACh). “Finishing a great week. Today I had work at @fach_chile_oficial where I have proudly served as an officer for more than 24 years. Tomorrow to continue with acting projects. My other passion. Many new things are coming. Grateful for life and living a day at a time,” the actor wrote.

Cristian de la Fuente: Source: instagram @iamdelafuente

immediately the publication of Christian de la Fuente It was filled with thousands of likes from Internet users but also with negative comments, since the fans do not forgive him for the infidelity he had with his wife. “Ask for forgiveness first to continue,” was one of the reactions he received.

Cristian de la Fuente with family. Source: instagram @laudelafuentec

Immediately Christian de la Fuente He replied: “To you? Didn’t I understand? You do what you have to do and I do what I have to do.” Another Internet user placed him: “the saddest thing is the separation and the lack of truth” to which the actor did not understand and commented: “I’m sorry. What a pity that you are living that in your life.”