The Starcks app is born, fans and tokens together beyond Fantasy Football

Floridi: “You started on the right foot”. A. Moggi: “It focuses on the relationship between the fans and their idols”

Since November, the Starcks app allows fans to buy and exchange tokens – an asset with a digital economic value – of all the players of the European football leagues: in other words, fans will have a decision-making weight on the careers of their heroes. . “The road is still long but we have started off on the right foot”, Emanuele Floridi, sports strategy consultant, who launched the app together with Alessandro Moggi and Lazio center forward Ciro Immobile, explains to ‘Repubblica’. “We recognized the potential of the idea and we quickly realized it thanks to Wda, an Italian venture builder specialized in the creation of startups”.

To build the value of the token is a Starcks algorithm which, in addition to sporting performance, also takes into consideration the image of the player, followers on social media and his civic commitment. All this with cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the technology that allows secure management of data and information registers. It is not fantasy football, it is something more.

“The world of football is already present in web 3.0 with initiatives such as Sorare. There was no platform that focuses on the relationship between fans and their idols. Starcks was born for this with the ambition to establish itself internationally while maintaining an Italian soul” . These are the words to ‘Repubblica’ by Alessandro Moggi, vice president of the national association of prosecutors who, together with the consultant Emanuele Floridi and the Lazio national center forward Ciro Immobile, launched the Starcks app which assigns each player a token on which the fans – but also other players – will be able to invest their money by increasing or decreasing the value of the athlete and therefore the possibility for him to sign important contracts. At the moment Starcks affects only the player’s right to image: the athlete is tokenized and not his card. The bet of Moggi and Floridi is that in the future Fifa and Uefa will also allow the card to be tokenized.