The strong threats to Adriana Barrientos that worry La Leona

The model and television panelist, Adriana Barrientos, has publicly denounced that she is being extorted by an individual who claims to have several explicit videos of her in his possession and who threatens to publish them if he does not receive something in return. Barrientos has exposed part of the conversation he had with this subject on his social networks, in which he points out that the videos are “where you go out naked, where you go out doing little things.”

The lioness chat. Source: Instagram @leonabarrientos

The situation has left Barrientos in a difficult position and has generated concern in his followers. The model has expressed feeling sad and depressed by this situation, since she has not harmed anyone and is simply dedicated to working. In addition, she has appreciated the support of her fans and has stated that she will try to turn the page with this.

This type of situation is not alien to the world of entertainment, where the privacy of celebrities is often at constant risk. It is important to note that these practices extortion They constitute serious crimes and must be reported to the corresponding authorities.

As pointed out by her own Barrientos, There are always bad people everywhere, but it is necessary to take measures to prevent this type of situation from happening again in the future. On social networks like Instagram, acts of extortion are increasingly common.

Adriana Barrientos. Source: Instagram @leonabarrientos

“My friend, upload it and tag me, I look exquisite. That I am the erotic dream of all your friends”, was the answer given by the Lioness Barrientos to his extortionist, while the man replied: “Well, I will upload them to Mega and send everything I have. You will look bad.” Although she was overwhelmed by the situation, she later reflected: “I think I do not deserve this and thank you infinitely for the love, for the love. For all the good vibes they deliver to me”, “I’m going to try to turn the page with this. I re ugly what happened (…) I want to share that today I feel damaged. And wow, I’m still afraid and I’m very sorry for all this that is happening to me“.