The supermarkets preferred by Italians, the Altroconsumo survey

Esselunga and Ipercoop, Eurospin and Aldi are the most popular discount stores

Grocery shopping is a daily habit for all of us. However, there are many aspects that can make consumers more or less satisfied with the shopping experience at the reference point of sale, such as the comfort of the same or the prices and quality of the products purchased. Even in 2022 Other consumption proceeded to verify the degree of satisfaction, interviewing 9,834 members, thanks to which it was possible to draw up the classifications of customer favorite chains of supermarkets/hypermarkets and superettes (proximity stores, smaller and with fewer products), discount stores and local brands.

As for the first type, they excel at the top of the rankings Esselunga and Ipercoop, followed by NaturaSì and Coop. Also in the price survey, published last September, these chains were at the top of almost all rankings (for shopping with branded, super and mixed brand products). Moving on to the discount stores, they are the winners of the podium Eurospin and Aldi. The discount stores are very satisfying for their prices: nine out of ten brands have an excellent evaluation, except for Tuodì, which is considered good (even the local brands are highly appreciated for this aspect). Furthermore, they are also popular for the products purchased: only Prix, IN’s and Tuodì have a good evaluation on this front, all the others excellent. When it comes to local chains, on the other hand, Visotto Supermarkets, the Roman brands Pewex and Cts Supermercati and the Venetian Iperlando lead the way.

During the analysis, Altroconsumo also tried to understand which are the elements most considered by the interviewees in choosing their trusted market. The first criterion of choice is the practicality (33%), especially linked to the ease of reaching the point of sale. Another element of great importance is convenience, the main criterion for 25% of those interviewed. Another criterion of choice is represented by the quality of the available products (17%) and for 13% of the sample it is given by the good assortment of products. To these are added other elements that may be important for many. For example, the comfort of points of sale, which in general sees many excellent and good ones: the best results are Esselunga and Interspar (with 86 points out of 100). For the waiting time at the checkout a decidedly tepid general satisfaction emerges. NaturaSì and Esselunga are the most appreciated from this point of view (with 80 and 78 points), but 19 out of 72 establishments have only an average rating. Finally, another weak point seems to be the quality fresh fruit and vegetables: only 3 excellent and 23 average. For the discounters, among the aspects for which they are least satisfied, there is instead the quality of the fish: it does not go beyond the average rating.

In general, respondents are quite satisfied with the quality of the trademarked products (ie those that take their name from the chain’s sign, also known as private labels) and consider them less expensive than branded ones: excellent ratings for 30 brands, good for 33 and average for nine.

The tests carried out by Altroconsumo tell us that private labels often have good or excellent quality: commercial brand products have often outperformed the competition on many occasions. In general, customers are quite satisfied with the quality of the products with the discount brand: excellent rating for Lidl and Eurospin products, good for all the others, except Dpiù, IN’s and Tuodì, which only got an average score on this forehead. Good reviews also for products with the supermarket brand. In particular, those of Ipercoop, Coop and Esselunga obtained the highest score.