The sweet announcement of the model melts everyone’s heart: Cyan is born, explosion of joy

The model shared with her audience a sweet announcement that melted everyone’s heart: her Cyan was born, an explosion of joy.

A sweeter announcement than this, the beloved and famous model could not at all share it with her social audience: Cyan was born! Some time after becoming a mother for the first and second time, the young woman announced on her official social channel that she had given birth to her third baby.

Sweet announcement. Credits: Instagram

The birth of her third child, as told by the person concerned on her official social channel, took place on August 29th, yet only now the model has chosen to make her audience participate in this joy. Unlike her, therefore, the former suitor of Men and women, who knew about her and shared the birth of her first child with her public, the beloved face of her Instagram wanted to keep her a little bit for itself this fantastic news. It must have been the strong emotion or the joy of the moment, the fact is that the sweet announcement of the model it happened a little later.

“Cyan is born”, wrote the model accompanying this shot that shows everyone the color of her son’s eyes. A real show, we guarantee it! Let’s find out together, however, who we are talking about!

The model became a mother for the third time: sweet announcement!

If the beloved actor has recently announced that he is in the process of becoming a dad for the second time, the famous model has just revealed to her fans that she has become a mother for the third time. A sweet announcement, as one can clearly understand, and that he immediately made all his admirers explode with joy.

It was exactly on August 29th when the model admitted her third child to the world, born from the relationship with Andre Lemmers, but only a few hours ago the young woman made her supporters participate. Most likely, many will have already understood who we are talking about: it is Adriana Lima who became a mother for the third time!

For her third child, Adriana Lima chose a rather peculiar name. The little one, in fact, is called Cyan. And, as you can read from the caption written in support of her last Instagram post, it has a very special meaning. Cyan, in fact, is not only the color between green and blue, but also the color of the waters of Bora Bora and the Maldives. “These are places my family loved. Cyan is our favorite color. It’s the color of our baby’s eyes “, explained the beautiful Lima.

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Adriana Lima mom. Credits: instagram

To the many messages of good wishes and congratulations received for her and her partner, we also add ours. Welcome little Cyan!