The swimsuit that everyone will want: Francesca Tocca al mare also wore it

It is the trendiest swimsuit in this hot summer 2022: Francesca Tocca wore it to the sea, everyone will want it!

Under the scorching sun of this hot summer, the beloved artists and VIP personalities show off their screaming bodies with swimsuits that are eye-catching. And this worn by Francesca Touch it is certainly one of the hottest in trend in this cloudy season.

Francesca Tocca al mare (Credits: Instagram)

The beautiful and talented dancer from Amici and Raimondo Todaro’s life partner showed up on her official social channel in costume, not only showing off her sculpted physique that left everyone practically speechless. At the sea and in great shape, Francesca Tocca enjoys her holidays with her wonderful family. However, she leaves room for some shots that really took our breath away.

It was in fact that captured the attention of many the costume worn by the darling of the talent more later. The detail of the bikini worn by the dancer made the latter the trendy garment of the summer season that everyone wants to wear. You can’t miss it!

The bikini worn by Francesca Tocca is the super trend of this summer: everyone wants it

In these summer months, social networks go crazy with shots of the beloved VIPs who show themselves to the sea in costume and completely natural. The beautiful Elodie surprised everyone with an all-natural seaside look, had you seen her without makeup? She is beautiful. In short, just open Instagram and discover a real virtual fashion show in a few switches.

And between one profile and another, that of Francesca Touch in recent weeks it has certainly been enriched with wonderful shots of the sea. On a boat trip or in beautiful Sicily, the splendid Amici dancer showed off one of the bikinis that in a very short time became one of the trendy garments of summer 2022 that everyone wants in their beach bag. But what is special about the swimsuit worn by the splendid Sicilian professional dancer?

Old fashions are being dusted off, models that had already depopulated and which are still among the most popular today are brought back into fashion. Every summer it is customary to find a garment ready to become trendy, and this time it is the crossed bikini that hits the mark. The same one also worn by the Sicilian artist who showed off in some shots on her official Instagram profile.

Francesca touches
Francesca Tocca (Credits: Instagram)

The one worn by the beautiful Francesca is lilac and crosses on the front and back to emphasize the well-defined and sculpted waist and equipped with a very high-cut briefs. In fact, it has become a must for the summer season, worn by the most loved and followed VIPs via social media and that everyone wants this season!