The ‘Tailor of the stars’ Luca Paolorossi returns to Sanremo after 7 years of success with the Stadio

“I’m very excited, the Festival becomes the center of the world for a week”

The countdown has begun for the start of the 73rd edition of the Sanremo Festival which, this year, will take place from 7 to 11 February next. In addition to the important Sanremo singing festival, the Virgo Village Sanremo, the Official Music Village, conceived and wanted by the Swiss financial giant Virgo Fund, with the patronage of the Municipality of Sanremo and the Liguria Region, also arrives in the City of Flowers, with the return to Sanremo by Luca Paolorossi, the ‘Tailor of the Stars’ who, exactly seven years ago, dressed the Stadio, winners of the 66th edition of the event with the song “Un giorno mi dirai”.

The Official Hospitality Music will open to the public every day, from 11:00 to 20:30, and will host numerous musical and socio-cultural initiatives throughout the week. “Here in Sanremo it feels like mid-August, everything is carefree and light-hearted. This format of the Festival gives work to many people. We have created an important container, I have created a twinning between the Marches, the Riviera di Ponente and Liguria, I I can define a bit the Sarto di Sanremo'”, Luca Paolorossi told Adnkronos. “I haven’t been to Sanremo for 7 years, but I can say that it’s even more exciting than that time because so many appointments have been created during all the days of the Festival. Outside of the singing kermesse, very media-hyped, there are huge containers where the world of VIPs rotates. For a week Sanremo becomes the center of the world”.

“Sanremo is an important element, like the ‘Dolce Vita’ for the relaunch of Made in Italy in the world. Just think that the bride and groom are waiting to see Sanremo and based on the type of outfit of the artists they choose the dress for their wedding. Sanremo it is even more than Pitti, which is only for insiders, here it is for the community”, added Luca Paolorossi who, during the week of the Sanremo Festival, will present the new collection ‘Paolorossi Please: top luxury t-shirts and sweatshirts made made to measure and to be combined with handmade tailored suits for a new concept of comfort that takes you back to the 80s and the wonderful television series Miami Vice. “I will present this new collection of t-shirts and sweatshirts with personalized initials, it is the first time that this type of clothing has been done. I will also be alongside the director of Novella 2000, Roberto Alessi, with a space within the weekly where I will comment on the outfits of the competing artists”, added the star tailor, the last descendant of a family of tailors who have been making bespoke suits for more than 100 years.

Luca Paolorossi will also propose a photo gallery with the most exciting shots of the meeting with the great Gaetano Curreri, leader of the Stadio, and his entire group; snapshots that portray the taking of measurements, the basting of the clothes and the fittings but also exciting photographs of Filottrano, in the Marche region, the territory of which the Sarto delle Star is native, a village in which the Virgo Fund has invested with the acquisition of historic buildings nobles. Finally, on Tuesday 7 February, in the splendid setting of Villa Ormond, in Corso Felice Cavallotti, a few steps from the Ariston Theater, Luca Paolorossi and Vittorio Sgarbi will be the protagonists of an unmissable confrontation, a face-to-face renamed ‘Filo Nascosto’ through which the two protagonists will deal with the link between art and elegance, between knowing how to do and knowing how to show. Throughout the week of the Festival, Luca Paolorossi will also be the Irriverent, in a perfect role that lends itself well to the figure of the same who, positioned on the terrace in front of the Ariston theater, will comment on the guests entering the theater and will tell the course Italy.