The ‘Tenco Award’ kicks off in Sanremo with Baglioni and Marracash

Among the other artists present Branduardi, Concato, Madame, Alice, Ditonellapiaga, Morgan – The president Sergio Staino: “Reflection on our half century of life”

For three days, from tomorrow to Saturday as well as for today’s opening night, Sanremo and the Ariston Theater will not be synonymous with ‘Festival’ but will host the ‘Tenco Award’now in its 45th edition, exactly half a century after the foundation of Club Tenco who organizes it. In addition to the Ariston, the review of Italian and international songwriting will take place from 20 to 22 October in the town of the Ligurian Riviera also in the institutional headquarters of the Club at the former station and in the deconsecrated church of Santa Brigida.

An edition – this one dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Tenco Club born in Sanremo from an artistic intuition of Amilcare Rambaldi and a group of enthusiasts, today chaired by Sergio Staino – which for the occasion will see the participation of ‘big names’ of the songwriter such as Claudio Baglioni, Angelo Branduardi, Fabio Concato, Marracash, Madame, Alice, Ditonellapiaga, Giorgio Conte, Gualtiero Bertelli for the Italian appearances and the French singer-songwriter Bénabar, the American rocker Michael McDermott and the Russian rocker Jurij Shevchuk for the international ones.

The review of the author’s song will be the occasion for the delivery of both the Tenco Lifetime Achievement Awards and the Tenco plates, chosen by a jury of over two hundred journalists and music experts. For 2022, there are Marracash (best album of the year with ‘Noi, them, others), Ditonellapiaga (best first work for’ Camouflage ‘), Simona Molinari (best interpreter for’ Petali ‘), A67 (best album in dialect for ‘Jastemma’), the producer Ferdinando Arnò (best project album for ‘The Gathering’).

On stage he will also go up Madamewinner last year of the double Targa Tenco 2021 (best first work and best song), unable to be there on that occasion, while she will not be able to be present Elisawhich together with Davide Petrella won the Targa Tenco for the best song with ‘O maybe sei tu’, as it is engaged in its European tour.

To anticipate the review, today’s day dedicated to Club Tenco with a focus on its founder Amilcare Rambaldi and a masterclass given by Morgan entitled ‘The songs on which Club Tenco was born’, which will be followed by the screening of the film ‘Hello beautiful’ with Emanuele Felice, to conclude with a musical evening entitled ‘Casa Rambaldi’ with many Italian and Catalan artists for that cultural and artistic exchange of which Rambaldi has always been a promoter, which will be attended by Morgan, Joan Isaac, Max Manfredi, Roger Mas and the ‘Sanremo Symphony Orchestra: the Italian artists will sing in Catalan and the Spanish ones in Italian.

Leading the three evenings will be the presenter Antonio Silva and Morgan, while the scenography is signed by Mimmo Paladino, one of the most important artists on the Italian and international scene. President Sergio Staino underlines that “the ‘Tenco Award’ reflects on its first 50 years of life. A celebration with lots of celebrations for the successes collected, but only in part will be a celebratory occasion. Above all, it wants to be a difficult reading on how much and on how the very idea of ​​the songwriting has changed and how many facets it has multiplied “.

The artistic director Sergio Secondiano Sacchi observes that “the 50th year of Club Tenco is a special year that will not only be a view from a rearview mirror but also a look to the future. Club history, such as the passage of Piero Ciampi at Tenco and the screening of the film ‘Bella Ciao’, not forgetting that Rambaldi was a partisan “.

The program also includes a round table entitled ‘An idea from fifty years ago’ conducted by the journalist Fausto Pellegrini with Gino Castaldo, Dori GhezziGiancarlo Governi, Sergio Secondiano Sacchi, Stefano Senardi and Antonio Silva, with the musical part entrusted to Joan Isaac accompanied by Daniele Caldarini.

They have been protagonists, among others, at the ‘Tenco Award’ in past editions Fabrizio De André, Giorgio Gaber, Paolo Conte, Gino Paoli, Lucio Dalla, Roberto Vecchioni, Franco Battiato, Ivan Graziani, Roberto Benigni, Renato Carosone, Pierangelo Bertoli, Pino Daniele, JovanottiJoni Mitchell, Tom Waits, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Lluis Llach, Patti Smith, Caetano Veloso, Nick Cave, who have contributed to making the ‘Tenco’ stage one of the most prestigious international musical highlights.

(from Enzo Bonaiuto)