The Terminal List season 2 confirmed and prequel series ordered

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Chris Pratt will return as James Reece for Revenge: for the TV show The Terminal List a second season has been confirmed, and a prequel series has already been ordered.
The Amazon Prime original series (also visible on Sky Glass, Sky Q and via the app on the Now Smart Stick) tells the story of Lieutenant Commander James Reece, the Navy SEAL who must uncover the mystery of the events that led to an ambush at the his team during a secret mission, as well as having exterminated his family.
Although the TV series was not received particularly warmly by critics, it received high ratings from the public, so by popular acclaim a second act was requested.

So The Terminal List will return for a second season. The US magazine variety reports that Amazon has also announced a prequel series centered around Taylor Kitsch’s character, called Ben Edwards.
The Terminal List is based on a series of novels written by Jack Carr.
The official cast list for Season 2 hasn’t been revealed yet, though many of the stars from Season 1 are likely to return to their roles.

Pratt reprises his starring role

Chris Pratt will reprise his titular role as James Reece, a Navy SEAL with PTSD seeking revenge for the killing of his wife and daughter.

“I couldn’t be more excited to reprise my role as James Reece,” Pratt said in a statement, adding that Season 2 of The Terminal List “promises to be even more intense and action-packed than the first.”

Other actors who will return in the second season

Riley Keough played the role of James Reece’s wife Lauren. We could see her in flashbacks in season 2 as well. The only way to find her is precisely that of flashbacks because the woman was murdered, together with the couple’s daughter.
Like her, Lucy Reece (the protagonist’s daughter played by Arlo Mertz) could also be present in the second season in the form of flashbacks.
Constance Wu could reprise her role as a reporter, that of Katie Buranek, the woman who helps James Reece uncover the conspirators responsible for the deaths of his family and fellow soldiers.
Tyner Rushing could return as pilot Liz Riley, the one who helps James Reece in his quest for revenge (who is also one of the few people that the protagonist feels he can really trust, so it is likely that we will see him again on the set).
Other actors who played men in James Reece’s platoon may also return in the form of flashbacks.

For now, Amazon has not announced the release date of the second season, and has not even offered details regarding the number of episodes it will consist of. The first season, which premiered in July 2022, consisted of eight episodes.