The terrible experience that Pamela Díaz lived to be able to travel with her daughter to the Caribbean

the tv presenter Pamela Diaz 41 years old is one of the most well-known and followed faces on the local screen. La Fiera is characterized by being immersed in controversies and by not mincing words when talking about intimacies with her ex-partners or her colleagues.

Now Pamela Diaz revealed the judicial fight he has with his ex fernando tellez to be able to get his youngest daughter Pascuala out of the country. The truth is that the Fiera bought round-trip tickets in August to travel with the little girl to the Caribbean and also booked accommodation in a luxurious hotel but could not travel because she did not get the authorization of her ex before a judge.

“I have already shown that I raised my daughter alone, that I bought the tickets and that these are round-trip… Going through all that time again is like ‘bucha, ya po, how can there not be something faster?’ be heavy if in the hearing they tell me that I cannot travel with my daughter. I bought tickets, I paid for the hotel, I have been presenting this for three months, “he said Pamela Diaz Some days ago.

Pamela Diaz and Pascuala. Source: instagram @pamefieradiaz

But now the situation Pamela Diaz and Pascuala changed and came out in his favor. La Fiera announced this news on social networks before her thousands of fans and said: “We are going to the Caribbean with the whole family” and explained how the process was: “Until a week ago I did not have authorization. One has to go to trial and the gentleman did not show up, so they gave him 15 more days… Exactly one week ago the judge just authorized my trip”.

Pamela Diaz. Source: Terra archive

“All this is a disaster, I find it disrespectful, a horrible situation. But finally, they gave me permission. At the time that no… there I do leave the muddy one, ”he closed Pamela Diaz and he made it clear that all he wants is to enjoy with his family and leave the fights aside.