The terrible prediction of a seer about the marriage of Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony

Mark Anthony and Nadia Ferreira continue to be one of the couples that currently arouses the most interest in the media and public opinion. Their recent marriage and the expectation of their first child are reasons enough for the world to be aware of them.

Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony posing. Source: Instagram @nadiaferreira

The artist and the model were married last January and had a luxurious wedding that toured the entire world. A month later, they announced that they are expecting their first child, which revolutionized his followers and surrounded Mark Anthony of paparazzi since the salsa singer will become a father for the seventh time.

A terrible prediction about Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony

As the pregnancy progresses and Nadia Ferreira flaunts her growing belly, rumors that something is wrong with the couple haunts them. In this context, the psychic Vieira Vidente shared a video of her on her YouTube channel in which she gave a terrible prediction about the famous marriage.

Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony posing. Source: Instagram @nadiaferreira

“Here it comes to me that Nadia is going to be betrayed, she has the four of swords, three in front and one in the back, it is very simple, Marc will be unfaithful to her with another woman with light skin and dark blonde hair. No matter the women Marc is with, no one can fill the void he left Jennifer Lopez”, remarked Vieira with the cards on the table.

The psychic went further on the future of the model and Mark Anthony and stated: “She feels a little confused right now. She wants the love to continue to grow, but I don’t see her that she is in love with him. It is more the love that she has for her pocket than for him as a person ”. The terrible prediction quickly went viral and now the expectations for whether this love story will continue or come to an end will have to get used to a tense wait.