The Tg airs with the journalist tattooed on the face: it is the first time this has happened

The news is broadcast with the journalist tattooed on the face: such a thing had never happened before, twist.

Great revolution on the small screen: for the first time ever, a news broadcast with the tattooed journalist on the face! It is, as you can clearly understand, something completely new and that made people talk a lot.

Journalist news Credits: Instagram

Why did the news of the journalist broadcast with a tattoo on her face cause a sensation? The answer is very simple: we are not used to it at all! Let me be clear, however: when we say that this ‘novelty’ has caused a lot of talk, we do not mean that it is something unacceptable. Indeed, seeing a journalist who appreciates her origins and who – despite her work – wants to imprint them on her skin, is something crazy!

According to what is learned from the web, it would seem that the journalist’s debut took place in 2019, but in a completely different time slot than the one entrusted to her in the last period. To replace some of her colleagues, in fact, the presenter of the local news has made herself known and loved even more by her entire audience. “It was my goal and it happened”, the journalist commented on his arrival on TV in the evening. No more chatter, let’s find out together what we are talking about in the smallest detail.

Journalist tattooed on the face airs on news: never happened before!

If the latest indiscretion sees Belen Rodriguez the protagonist of a sensational novelty, even seeing a tattooed journalist on TV represents something completely new. This is precisely what has happened in recent months and that she still makes talk about now. In recent months, the splendid thirty-seven year old made her debut with the 6:00 pm news and immediately conquered everyone. What did not go unnoticed was not only her immense professionalism, which her admirers had already had the opportunity to know and deepen, but also the Maori tattoo that the woman had permanently drawn from her lips to get off.

Are you curious to know who we are talking about too? This is the story of Oriini Kapaira, journalist of the Newshub Live news of the New Zealand channels. Fixed face of the time slot of 16:30, Oriini dreamed of running the news in the evening and she succeeded. But what everyone is asking is: what prompted you to get that Maori sign tattooed? The answer is very simple: her belonging to her origins! With this tattoo, therefore, the very young Kapaira has clearly made it clear how proud she is of her culture of hers, having no problem showing it at all. Have you seen it too? Take a look at us:

tattooed journalist
Oriini Kaipara. Credits: Instagram

What do you think? In your opinion, Oriini was right to get a tattoo?