The third edition of the Comieco Paper Week is underway

From 15 to 21 April

Italians are among the best in Europe in sorting and recycling paper and cardboard with an annual collection that now exceeds 3.6 million tons. But not everyone knows what the journey of paper is after the dumpster, how it is reborn to return to our hands in the form of boxes, newspapers, bags or notebooks and how we can improve our commitment even further. To satisfy all curiosities and learn the real value of separate collection e of the paper and cardboard recycling, Paper Week returns from 15 to 21 April: the national campaign organized by Comiecoin collaboration with the Paper and Graphics Federation, Assocarta, Assografici, Unirima and with the patronage of Anci, the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security and Rai for Sustainability.

“Italy is an excellence: it has been able to create a real industrial sector in the recycling of waste with benefits in terms of employment, know-how and for the territories – observes Vannia Gava, Deputy Minister of the Environment and Energy Security – Already today 75% of packaging in our country is recycled, ahead of the targets set by European legislation and this thanks to the investments made in infrastructure, to which the Pnrr will give further impetus. The sensitivity of citizens does the rest and it is important to continue to make them protagonists. Initiatives such as Paper Week go exactly in this direction”.

“Paper Week is an appointment that we have been carrying out since 2021, first with digital events (thanks to the pandemic), this year only in presence, involving around 40 thousand citizens in the area and millions of users on the web and on social networks – he explains Carlo Montalbetti, general manager of Comieco – This year we aim to expand the audience also thanks to a rich program of local initiatives organized by all the paperweekers, real ‘ambassadors of recycling’, who have accepted our call to network to build a choral and systemic story . A system which, according to the numbers, continues to give excellent results: in 2021 the separate collection of paper and cardboard in Italy grew by 3.2% and we are already reaching the objectives set by the European Union which provide for the recycling of 85 % of pulp packaging by 2030″.

The promotional campaign of Comieco’s Paper Week involves two exceptional testimonials: Giovanni Storti and Giacomo Poretti, respectively in the role of a professor and a student of ‘Cartvard University’, a phantom University on paper and cardboard. Between amusing gags and short sketches, the two will underline the importance of correct information, because only by making culture citizens are aware that the recycling cycle starts from separate collection. The campaign will be planned on TV, radio, print and social media.