‘The train of the soul’, Enzo Avitabile dialogues with many great artists

A work in which the creativity of the singer-songwriter flows together with that of Ligabue, Edoardo Bennato, Biagio Antonacci, Giuliano Sangiorgi, Jovanotti, Gué, Speranza, Rocco Hunt and Boomdabash. From soul to jazz, from word music to tammurriata, 11 tracks for a “pop, multigenerational, which travels along the tracks of feelings”

It comes out tomorrow ‘The train of the soul’, the new album by Enzo Avitabile in which he talks with great artists such as Ligabue, Bennato, Antonacci, Sangiorgi, Jovanotti, Gué, Speranza, Hunt and Boomdabash. A rainbow of sounds, music and words. This is how the work, released tomorrow on CD, vinyl and on all digital platforms, can be defined, produced by the Black Tarantella label of the Neapolitan artist and distributed by Believe. A new piece of the composite mosaic made up of happy encounters and contaminations, which the singer-songwriter and composer has been carrying out for over 40 years. Eleven tracks, including unreleased songs and re-readings taken from Enzo Avitabile’s discography. A real musical journey, from soul to jazz, from word music to even hidden tammurriata patterns. A work of “unusual intersections, moments of intense emotions. A pop, radio, multigenerational work “explains Enzo Avitabile. Anticipated by the singles ‘Fatti mie’ (with Antonacci) and ‘Salvami’ (with Ligabue), ‘The train of the soul’ travels along the tracks of feelings:” This is a record very open – continues the musician – with different facets: you can listen to it because the songs are beautiful, because there are unusual melodic encounters and because, let’s face it, it keeps company. I take the liberty of saying that it is a project that does not tire, does not break, in the true sense of the term! “

Going into the specifics, the album opens with ‘Save me’ and with the friendly participation of Luciano Ligabue. A song that is almost a prayer, where the two voices merge, exchanging emotions in a sound easily ascribable to the Neapolitan singer-songwriter. We move on to ‘One of us’ with Edoardo Bennato, a text in search of true sincerity, where you can find many images, such as the reference to the mountain of salt by Mimmo Paladino. The third piece is ‘My facts’ with Biagio Antonacci: a song full of grooves that could not end except in the Neapolitan language, a real energy discharge in which the two voices meet in a text on free will. The fourth track is ‘Forever us’ with Giuliano Sangiorgi: a text full of feelings that tells the love between two people, sung between Neapolitan, Italian and griko, a dialect of the Greek language spoken in the Salento region of Greece. Here then ‘E duorme stella ‘, the fifth songa song recorded for the soundtrack of the film ‘Natale in casa Cupiello’, a film directed by Edoardo De Angelis with Sergio Castellitto and taken from the play of the same name written by Eduardo De Filippo, broadcast in 2020 on Rai1.

You get to ‘Simm’ all one ‘, written and interpreted with Lorenzo Jovanotti: a song where the protagonist is the rhythm in what can be defined as the most social song on the album, linked to the salvation of the world. Space then to ‘Angelina’: it is certainly the most intimate text of the disc, dedicated to the artist’s second daughter, a minimal, simple piece, but of great feeling. The eighth piece is ‘No one is anyone’s son’ with Gué: in addition to Neapolitan and Italian, the piece also includes Esperanto, the artificial language, developed between 1872 and 1887 by the Polish ophthalmologist of Jewish origin Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof. It is then time to de ‘Life is a gift’: a text, this, on the beauty of life. Then it’s the turn of ‘Famm call me thirsty’ with Hope: probably the most political song in the opera. The album ends with ‘The train of the soul’ born from an incision of one of the greatest hits by Enzo Avitabile, ‘Soul Express’ of 1986, revisited by the investments of Rocco Hunt and Boomdabash.