The trendy manicure by Natalia Paragoni: that color is conquering everyone

The new color chosen by Natalia Paragoni for her manicure is really the latest fashion: the influencer showed it to all her fans.

Face like a doll and body to scream, Natalia Paragoni is among the most popular and followed influencers on social networks. The looks and make-up tips of the girlfriend of Andrea Zelletta are invariably a great success and there are many who consider it a point of reference for everything related to fashion and beauty.

Natalia Paragoni nail polish (Credits: Instagram)

TO Men and womenthe 23-year-old model originally from the province of Sondrio arrived in the 2018/2019 season initially aiming at the Spanish tronista Ivan Gonzalez. Only later was she conquered by Andrea with whom she still forms an amazing couple. The two appear more and more in love and you will all also remember the occasions when Natalia visited her boyfriend when he was in the house of the GF Vip.

Or when, with the complicity of the former gieffino, she was the victim of a joke from Le Iene that made her believe in Andrea’s betrayal. Her reaction in that circumstance was truly sensational and surely she remains one of the most hilarious in the entire history of the program.

Not everyone knows that before reaching some popularity, the former face of the Channel 5 dating show, worked as beautician. This explains his talent for making the makeup tutorials he shares on social media. Besides, she is also passionate about manicure to the last cry and in these hours she has shown among her Ig stories the result of the amazing handwork done by her beautician.

Natalia Paragoni shows her manicure: an interesting inspiration for everyone

Author of a book released last year, Beautiful from the tip of the hair to that of the feet, Andrea Zelletta’s better half also has fabulous hands. There manicure which he has chosen this time is of a truly unique elegance, while blending perfectly with the latest trends. If for the glazes in the summer fluorescent and almost always light colors triumph, now that we are in autumn we are witnessing a change of direction: the darker colors prevail, which bring to mind more rigid temperatures.

In one of the most recent Ig stories, Natalia showed a manicure tending to light purple, with very elegant almond-shaped nails and very shiny. An optimal solution for this moment of transition from hot to cold, which slowly immerses us in the autumn climate without forcing. A color that, knowing her, suits her particularly well, and that matches perfectly with the colors of her complexion, her eyes and her beautiful hair.

Here we see the complete result: have you noticed how the chosen color gives even more elegance to the rings she wears?

Natalia Compare manicure
Natalia Paragoni nail polish tint (Credits: Instagram)

We bet that everyone will be inspired by Natalia again this time?