The true story behind the resignation of Francisca García-Huidobro and the “Betrayal” of SQP

TV actress and entertainer Francisca Garcia-Huidobro was invited to late “Good night all” where he spoke about his career on television and his intimate life, recalling the betrayal he suffered on the Chilevisión show business, SQP, which led to his resignation.

García-Huidobro talked about how she decided to step aside after feeling betrayed by the show’s team and how she didn’t let the situation defeat her.

In a conversation with Eduardo Fuentes, García-Huidobro recalled how in the program they addressed the news of the photography of Julio César Rodríguez in Argentina with another person. It was then that he decided to resign from SQP. “That’s why I left SQP, because you work with teams that take care of you, not with teams that betray you,” said the cheerleader.

García-Huidobro also talked about how he felt during that period. “I was like in ‘airplane mode,’ I went on and on and was every day, Monday through Friday, sitting on that panel while they talked about me.“, he said. Despite the fact that the situation was difficult, García-Huidobro did not allow himself to be defeated. “I didn’t let them win, I didn’t let them throw me out, they weren’t going to throw me out”he insisted.

The communicator even recalled that she “lost ten kilos at that time”, but she never went home defeated. In addition, she talked about how she decided to resign from SQP and stay with Chilevisión. “So they didn’t kick me out. 17 years later, here I am”she said proudly.