The truth behind Cristián’s departure from Radio Agriculture Source

Cristián de la Fuente is one of the most important actors and conductors on television in our country and who has also achieved significant international success, triumphing especially in the United States. However, the last few weeks for the 48-year-old producer are not easy at all because on social media was seen with a woman in Mexico and being unfaithful to his wife, Angelica Castro and that would have led to his departure from Radio Agriculture and this is what is known about it.

The actor born in Santiago began having small roles in soap operas in our country and quickly managed to return to Mexico to participate in the series “Reyes y Rey” and then made the big leap to Hollywood to work alongside Sylvester Stallone and other great actors. Christian of the Source He appeared regularly on the police series CSI: Miami. After a long time, she decided to return to Mexico for the telenovela ‘Corazón Salvaje’.

Cristián de la Fuente has been successful in other countries. Source Instagram @iamdelafuente

Since the month of September Christian of the Source He is involved in an infidelity scandal, because a video went viral on social networks where he can be seen with a woman in a bar in Mexico and this would have generated his separation from his wife, Angélica Castro. The problem would have increased after he was fired from his program on Radio Agriculture. In addition, his wife has a program on said station and the directors would have made a decision.

Angélica Castro has no more photos with Cristián de la Fuente. Source Instagram @angelicacastro_

In the last few hours, from Radio Agriculture released a statement explaining the departure of Christian of the Source of the station and stated: “Radio Agriculture has the best professional opinion of Mr. de la Fuente, an outstanding communicator who has collaborated with this medium on several occasions. The end of the program was agreed by the parties at the beginning of September, due to the prioritization of other projects”.

From Radio Agriculture they assured that Cristián de la Fuente had other projects. Source Instagram @iamdelafuente

Due to rumors of infidelity, the 48-year-old actor has not stopped receiving criticism against him and that has earned him the cancellation of some personal projects. Also, Christian of the Source He assured that he felt sorry and apologized to his family to correct the mistake.