The truth behind "No", one of Shakira’s most listened to songs

The Colombian singer Shakira The 44-year-old is about to launch a new musical album and from what has transpired so far, the premiere will be in the first quarter of 2022 and will bring with it an international post-pandemic tour that has already excited his fans from all over the world. .

Shakira. Source: Terra file

The truth is Shakira has a consolidated musical career of more than three decades and there are many hits that have transcended borders. One of them is “No” included in the album “Oral Fixation 1” which took more than a year to write and produce for the soccer player Gerard Piqué’s partner.

Shakira in oral fixation. Source: instagram @shakiraenchile

Throughout that year in which he was working on “Oral Fixation 1” Shakira She went through many moods and when she was sad and desolate she composed the lyrics for “No”. In the song there is pain, disappointment and a woman who is tired of waiting and ends a romance beyond feelings.

While to Shakira This song helped her to make catharsis at a time in her life, it also led her to fulfill a dream since for the production of it she summoned one of her Latin rock idols, the Argentine singer and voice of Soda Stereo, Gustavo Cerati.

Shakira and Cerati. Source: instagram @ceratiesbrillar

“I have been in charge of producing each of the songs. Of course, I have had collaborators, the same as always, I would say, but in addition to them, also Gustavo Cerati who is a great figure of Hispanic rock, a great Argentine singer with the that I also had the opportunity to co-produce a couple of songs, “he said. Shakira in an interview some time after the esteno.

Shakira in oral fixation. Source: instagram @baboombastore

Gustavo Cerati, in addition to doing the backing vocals and guitar, was also in charge of the production of “No” and with this they started a kind of society in which they worked together for other songs such as “Special Day”. The last time they worked side by side was on the album Sale el sol in 2010 from Shakira, shortly before the Argentine singer suffered an ischemic stroke after a performance in Caracas that had him in a coma for five years. He finally died in 2014, at the age of 55.