The truth behind the estrangement between Rocío Marengo and Pamela Díaz

The relationship between pamela diaz Y Jean Philippe Creton seems to be sailing smoothly. Even in recent days, the host of “Minute to win” showed off a gift that La Fiera gave him. “My jermu gave me a jumper in my favorite color and now I believe death,” commented the face of Chilevisión in his Instagram stories.

But the relationship that continues badly is that of Dew Marengo Y pamela diaz. About a month ago, the brunette was consulted about it in “PH, We Can Talk”. “I have enormous affection for Rocío, I have a very good vibe and everything, but if today we are estranged, I cannot lie,” she replied. In addition, she did not want to say the reason: “the reason is something very personal that I cannot explain because when I have great affection, I really respect the codes of that friendship.”

When Julio César Rodríguez asks Diaz if it could be “fixed”. Díaz was blunt: “No, not at all, we can have a good vibe, greet her and everything is fine, but nothing more.” In an interview with Marengo assured that he did not know her reasons: “I love her like the first day or more, my love for her grew every moment that I got to know her. The reality is that I write to her and she, I don’t know, I calculate that she got angry about something because she didn’t tell me.

Rocío Marengo and Pamela Diaz. Source: Instagram @marengorocio and @pamefierediaz

Some days ago, Marengo She was interviewed by Page 7 and continued in her position: “I don’t know anything, in fact I was surprised, since I found out from the media and the journalists who called me and asked” (…) I don’t know what happened to him, I’ll give him your time.” And she added: “I am calm, since I am a good friend and I know what I give for the friendship I have with her (…) If something happened to her, she will realize that it is not what she thinks, although the I really don’t know what happened to him.”

Rocío Marengo, Jean Phillipe Cretton and Pamela Díaz. Source: Archive

When asked if Jean Philippe Creton had something to do with it, Rocío completely denied it: “Nothing to do with it, no possibility, I am very clear that within the codes that friendship has, you don’t look at a friend’s boyfriend (…) I’m not interested, with the number of men out there, I would never look at a friend’s partner”.