The truth behind the photo of Arturo Vidal in the hospital

Arturo Vidal is one of the most important midfielders in the history of our country, since the two-time champion of America with the National Team has become one of the most successful with more than twenty titles. However, the King’s present worries everyone because he would miss the Copa Libertadores final next Saturday and the photo of him in the hospital worried everyone. The one who accompanied him at this time was his girlfriend Sonia Isaac.

about a week ago, Arturo vidal He managed to be crowned champion of the Brazilian Cup with Flamengo by beating Corinthians in the final and thus obtained his first title with Mengao. The King ended up in Latin America after more than 15 years in Europe where he defended the colors of the most important clubs such as Bayern Munich, Barcelona or Inter Milan. In total there are 24 titles that King has won, including the two Copa Américas that he won with La Roja in 2015 and 2016.

The King has already obtained its first title with Flamengo. Source Instagram @kingarturo23oficial

However, last Friday at Flamengo’s morning training session, the King turned on the alarms after he left practice in advance to go to the medical sector. The midfielder felt discomfort in his right leg and the part was disappointing, because he will have to be off the pitch for a few weeks. What Vidal suffers is a trauma and he will have to go through kinesiology to recover.

Arturo Vidal could miss the Copa Libertadores final. Source Instagram @kingarturo23oficial

In the last hours, the girlfriend of the King, Sonia Isaza shared a video on TikTok where she can be seen with the Flamengo midfielder from the hospital and performing a sweet viral challenge that caused relief to Mengao fans, because they saw him in a good mood. The influencer accompanies Arturo Vidal at each stage of his career and accompanied him in the celebrations of the Brazilian Cup title.

Secondly, Arturo vidal He was discharged after suffering a bruise on his right leg and recovery in these days will be essential to see if the midfielder will be available in the Copa Libertadores final next Saturday. Despite the fact that many rule it out, the King does not lower his arms and wants to be present.