The truth behind the photo of Chayanne and Mónica Rincón

the tv presenter Monica Rincon 46 years old is one of the most recognized faces in the country, due to her beauty and talent. A few days ago, a photo of her with the famous Puerto Rican singer went viral on social networks. Chayanne who also just released a new musical single.

After this postcard went around the world on the little camera’s social network, Monica Rincon He explained to Julio César Rodríguez, during the broadcast of the Chilevisión program ‘But With Respeto’, the story of his relationship with the interpreter of ‘Torero’ and ‘A century without you’.

It was so Monica Rincon He said: “This photo is from 2016 and it is not the one from the Wax Museum as an envious person said, it is him.” Then the TV presenter remembered that she went to one of the shows of Chayanne out with friends and broke her rule of not asking celebrities for photos just because she’s too fanatic.

Monica Rincon and Chayanne. Source: instagram @monicarincon2017

“That was at a concert. I do not do those things. I can be sitting in front of Obama and I’m not going to ask him for a photo, but Chayanne Syes”, he said Monica Rincon and added that someone mentioned to the singer backstage that she was a host for Chilean television, “And he tells me ‘How about Chilean television?’ And I, ‘Oh, well, a lot of work’”, Monica completed.

“That’s the best thing I could think of to say to Chayanne and all the others with good starts”, he said between laughs Monica Rincon in addition to remembering that they first took a group photo with the singer but she wanted a personalized one, so she told him: ‘Chayanne, no chance of a photo just with you?’ “And she tells me ‘of course pretty, come on'”.