The truth behind the relationship between Georgina Rodríguez and her sister who asks her for money

The model and businesswoman Georgina Rodriguez was involved in a family scandal in the last hours. It turns out that as is quite usual, her sister Patricia publicly claimed that she needs money. Patricia is Georgina’s half-sister. The daughter of her Argentinean father Jorge Rodriguez, Patricia began living with Georgina and her sister Ivana in Huesca, Spain, when she was 11 years old, after the death of her mother. They never managed to have a good relationship between the three of them, and now it seems that Georgina is having a hard time dealing with the rumors about her alleged mistreatment of patricia.

Patricia, Georgina’s sister, on the air. Source: Twitter @showmundialshow

On this occasion, Patricia spoke last week for the “Socialité” program where she called for help to her sister Georgina. On the air, she Patricia confessed to being “ruined and living as a squatter.” Patricia accomplished her goal of raising suspicions about Georgina Rodriguez and your family contact. The wife of Cristiano RonaldoApparently you don’t talk to this part of the family. But patricia I would be taking advantage of the moment to generate controversy. Georgina’s sister said: “I was hoping you would contact me, I am so hurt.”

lucky for GeorginaThere are some who suspect Patricia’s opportunism, as the journalist Nuria Marín reflected at least: “I would like to know if Patricia has been interested in the loss of Georgina’s baby.”

Georgina and her sister Ivana. Source: Twitter @showmundialshow

Then another testimony was added to the story. Rosario, a family friend, spoke on the “Fiesta” program Rodriguez. Rosario accused Georgina of being to blame for this situation: “Since then they have had no relationship because she has never bothered to call her sister, she does not even know her nephews.” “She shows off jewelry when her family doesn’t even have enough to eat. Her uncle has just had an operation and she hasn’t even noticed. It’s horrible. I have never seen a person so detached from her family. They have no relationship because she doesn’t want to , because she is not of the same status. She does not remember who lent her the money to go see her father in Italy,” Rosario continued her accusation.

With the aim of supporting Georginathe protagonist of the reality show “I’m Georgina” on Netflix, the journalist Aurelio Manzana contributed: “Georgina offered to pay for the children’s school and take care of the minors, their clothes and others and the response she received from Patricia was “no, send me 5,000 euros that I’ll take care of paying”.