The truth behind the rivalry between Luis Miguel and Shakira

the mexican singer Luis Miguel 52 years old is one of the great voices of music in Spanish and his songs continue to be played in all corners of the world. Something similar happens with the Colombian artist Shakirawho today is the cover of the media for her separation from Gerard Piqué but who is really the author of great hits.

Shakira He has an interesting musical career and has never stopped working and producing music for his millions of fans that he accumulates in all latitudes. Along the way, he has made several collaborations with other music stars such as Maluma, Black Eyed Peas, and J Balvin.

In this sense there is a great detail and it is that the voices of Shakira Y Luis Miguel they have never come together despite being the most famous in Latin music in Spanish. The reason is that the relationship between them is not good at all and there is no possibility of reaching a labor agreement.

Shakira. Source: Terra archive

According to what they say from the environment of Luis Miguel, the singer contacted his colleague Shakira more than a decade ago for her to compose three songs for one of her albums, but they could not reach an economic agreement and that the Sun of Mexico took it as a snub and withdrew the greeting.

Luis Miguel. Source: Terra archive

Some time later, both Shakira What Luis Miguel, they had another possibility of rapprochement and it was for the remake of the movie ‘El Zorro’. At that time, the Colombian was going to be signed as the co-star of the film and the Sun of Mexico would make a special appearance, but both rejected the job for unknown reasons and never met on the recording set.