The truth of the romance between Shakira and Tom Cruise came to light, according to a friend of the singer

Shakira He currently resides in Miami with his two children, Milan and Sasha, the result of his relationship with the former player Piqué. The singer is enjoying the professional success achieved in recent months. Days ago, the Colombian coincided with the actor Tom Cruise in the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami and this generated a great media uproar.

The singer enjoys being single, sharing moments with Maluma or the pilot Lewis Hamilton, with whom she was also on two occasions. However, she has yet to introduce any man as her new partner. However, she is emilio estefanmusic producer who worked with her for several years, who referred to the alleged romance with Tom Cruise.

Emilio Estefan referred to Shakira’s alleged romances. Source: Instagram @emilioestefanjr

stephan In an interview with The Post, he referred to Shakira already Cruise. The two have a friendship that has been around for many years and “that’s what friends do,” said the music producer. “When friends are in Miami, they get together. The press wants to create a romance, but she has known Tom for a long time. She is focused on her family.”

emilio estefan, who assured that the artist was simply being received by her close circle of friends with whom she shared for a long time when she lived in Miami. “Shakira he found success in Miami and in a way, grew up here. She had the house and kept in touch. Everyone is supporting her. She is like family to us.”

Shakira and Tom Cruise have been friends for a long time. Source: Instagram @cfshakestoyaqui

Shakira She is officially the Woman of the Year. The title was awarded to the Colombian by Billboard in the first edition of Latin Women in Music, an event that took place in Miami. She was congratulated by several internationally recognized artists, including, stephanAlejandro Sanz and Carlos Vives.