The TV presenter asked to reduce the maintenance to his daughter: “From 3000 to 800 euros”

The television host asked the court to reduce the maintenance of his daughter from 3 thousand to 800 euros per month

With his ex-wife Piero Chiambretti he ended up in court to discuss the lawsuit regarding the maintenance of his 11-year-old daughter. The famous TV presenter with the reasons set out by his lawyer, presented himself in court asking for the reduction of the maintenance.

Piero Chiambretti, the conductor asks for a reduction on the maintenance of his daughter (Credits: Instagram)

The relationship with Federica Laviosa for Piero Chiambretti was not at all roses. In 2016 the two distanced themselves and separated. The two are not married, but what unites them today is their daughter, Margherita.

Piero Chiambretti, the TV presenter has asked to reduce the maintenance of his daughter

With a motivation expressed by his lawyer regarding the decrease in his income, the tenant was able to apply and ask to reduce the maintenance of his daughter which previously was around 3 thousand euros per month. Piero Chiambretti’s lawyer would have justified the request as follows: “modification of the conditions of custody and maintenance of the daughter “.

The tenant would now have an income of around 26 thousand euros, a very different figure from the initial one which was around 55 thousand. The drop was also due to the end of the historic program broadcast on Italia 1, Tiki Taka.

maintenance of daughter
Credits: Instagram

Among the reasons that the former tenant would have expressed there would also be those relating to the fact that the amount used for the maintenance of his daughter, his ex-partner would also benefit from it for his personal expenses. Hence the conductor, who does not deny that he wants to take care of little Margherita and that he wants to guarantee her everything he needs from her, but asks for a reduction on the amount on her maintenance. The first hearing in court would be discussed yesterday, Monday 20 June.