The ultracyclist Di Felice from Antarctica: “Death Rebellin absurd, man is worse than nature”

“In my shelter I wonder about the meaning of many things. The news of Davide Rebellin’s death has rekindled many fears as well as causing pain for the absurdity of a life torn without any sense. How many more will be killed before we put a hand on your heart and understand that you can’t go on like this?”. The ultracyclist Omar Di Felice, employed for a few days in the crossing of Antarctica by bike (with an almost 100 kg sled) writes it on his social channels.

Di Felice sends his message on the fourth day of the adventure, the only one so far in the history of crossings, blocked by snow: “the last 48 hours have been surreal. Closed in the tent the only thing I managed to do was free it every two hours from the snow that accumulates due to the very strong winds. Every operation is made impossible by the incessant cry of the katabatic winds”. But he hangs on Davide Rebellin, who died today under a truck at the age of 51 and one month after the cessation of his competitive activity.

“Don’t tell me it’s a problem of rules, or of unruly cyclists!. Damn, a man has been murdered! Tomorrow it could be my turn, or any of you: fathers, mothers, children, friends, brothers, acquaintances. And we are still here to quibble about rules and bullshit? Today the kilometers traveled and those that are missing take a back seat. The harshness of this nature will never be able to match the barbarism of the modern human being “, concludes Di Felice.