The uncomfortable reaction of Nicolás Cabré when asked about his romance with China Suárez

China Suarez He is currently traveling for work reasons. The actress is in Rio de Janeiro with her friend, her partner and personal stylist Juan Manuel Cativa and part of her team. While they were spending time in the hotel room, the former “Casi Ángeles” decided to do an Instagram Live.

At the beginning, the China and his friends began to laugh and made Juan Manuel dance. “People are leaving,” joked the actress. “Then let’s say spicy things” proposed her friend Carolina Nolte. “Let’s call Nico (Cabré), he must be with Rufi” raised the owner of the account, since she had left her eldest daughter with her father and her ex-partner.

“The idea of ​​this what would it be? Answer what they write? ”The actor asked as he looked at the comments from netizens. “From now on you can ask Nico questions, who will answer them because he loves it. Let’s interview Nico ”China proposed, knowing that his ex is not a supporter of this type of activity. “Nico he dies of the embolus” he himself read a comment.

“Well, where does this end?” Asked the actor while Rufina indicated where the questions from the followers were. One of them, intrepid, asked him an uncomfortable question. “They ask if you are in a couple,” he launched The China to make her daughter’s father uncomfortable. “She cuts herself, she cuts herself,” said Cabré and left the conversation to avoid the moment.

In the Live chat of instagramCabré added: “Yes, all thanks to you. I have an Instagram, I did a live, I’m missing a song and a tiktok. Now yes, kiss. Undoubtedly, there is a very good relationship between Rufina Cabré’s parents.